Himalaya Stuti

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Mountains are considered sacred in the tradition of Siddha Dharm. The Geometry of every mountain is auspicious and carry a secret meaning. Amongst the mountains, the Himalayas are considered as one of the most Divine spaces on planet Earth. In the tradition of Siddha Dharma, the Himalayas are considered as the sacred space of the Yogini Goddesses, the Devatas, the Kinnars, Kirata, Nagas, Dakinis, Shakinis and more.

The heart that harbours devotion in it has the power to establish connection with everything material and that which is beyond material through power of powerful prayers. One can receive the ‘Teja’, the Divine Energy and the knowledge from every mountain present on this planet. While Himalayas are the source of immense wisdom, secret knowledge and limitless Divine energy.

This short book on ‘Himalaya Stuti’ presents the treasure knowledge to receive the blessings from the mountains.



The wise men from around the world, the great ‘Tapaswis’, Sages, Siddhas and the humans in general have always been attracted to the Himalayas since time unknown. The oldest and the secret wisdom tradition of the Himalayan Siddhas originated and spread from the Himalayas.

The inner longing to be boundless and the sacredness of the Himalayas make the mountains as the space to nurture the self search in oneself. The book on the ‘Himalaya Stuti’ gives the seekers a way to connect to the Himalayas through a powerful prayer that originated in the heart of the greatest living Yogi, who is known as the ‘Son of Himalayas’, who is the present Kaulantak Nath of the great seat of knowledge, the Kaulantak Peeth. He is Mahasiddha Ishaputra.

Images of Handwritten Manuscript

Yogini Ma Shivagni Nath presents images of the original handwritten manuscript of Mahasiddha Ishaputra that reveals the powerful prayer (Stuti) written in Sanskrit Language with powerful Beeja Mantras of the Himalayas. It is famously known as the ‘Maha Himalaya Stuti’ by the followers of Siddha Dharm around the world. The manuscript reveals the secret Mantras, Sacred Geometry (Yantra) and more from the handwritten manuscript found in the archives of Kaulantak Peeth. It is the prayer to the sacred Himalayas that originated in the heart of the ‘Bala Yogi’ Mahasiddha Ishaputra in deep meditation and oneness with the Himalayas during His Sadhana of the Himalayas.

Experience of Mahasiddha Ishaputra

This book presents the elaborate experience of the Mahasiddha in the Himalayas before and after the Sadhana that His Supreme Guru revealed to Him during His childhood years.
It was after practicing the techniques presented in the manuscript that Mahasiddha Ishaputra eventually came to be known as the ‘Son of Himalayas’.

Wisdom Behind the ‘Himalaya Stuti’

The book on ‘Himalaya Stuti’ can prove to be life transforming for the seekers who find the mountains as sacred. The Himalayan Siddhas believe that one can receive immense knowledge and open the unknown doors to spiritual transformation through the simple practice techniques presented in this book.

The book presents the explanation behind each word and ‘Beeja’ Mantra of the ‘Himalaya Stuti’ as Mahasiddha Ishaputra revealed it.


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