Shri Siddha Siddhant Nath Gatha

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In the history of human civilisation, few extraordinary ‘Chetanas’, considered as the Beings with higher consciousness, have existed in the upper mountains of Himalayas, known as the Gurumandal. The Gurumandal emerged as the supreme guiding Light of spiritual illumination. They transcended the boundaries of ordinary and conventional understanding, who guided the seekers on the path of ‘Siddhatva’ (Supreme enlightenment) under the umbrella of Siddha Dharm of the Himalayan Siddhas.

Amongst the Mahasiddhas of the Gurumandal, there is a Mahasiddha Guru Who stands apart, Who is the supreme Shining Sun of great knowledge, wisdom and Tapasya- The previous head of Kulant Peeth (Kaulantak Peeth) and Siddha Dharma Tradition, praised as the MahaHimalayadhipati, Mahasiddha Siddha Siddhanta Nath Ji Maharaj. He is the extraordinary Mahasiddha, the most revered in the recent history of Siddha Dharm, Who has traversed the realms of human experience to attain profound spiritual realization. This book presents the short life history of Shri Siddha Siddhant Nath Ji, His ‘Updesh’ (sermons) and vision.

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Born in Himachal Pradesh, India, Shri Siddha Siddhant Nath Ji had an unwavering commitment to exploring the depths of consciousness and transcending the limitations of ordinary perception. He was the Head Guru of Mahasiddha Ishaputra. This book contains the interviews of the people who had seen Him and spent time with Him.

Paintings & Photographs

This book contains the photographs of:

– The places where Shri Siddha Siddhant Nath Ji passed on knowledge and initiated Mahasiddha Ishaputra.
– The people who met the great Guru of the lineage of the Himalayan Siddhas.
– The favourite mountain ranges of the Great Guru of Mahasiddha Ishaputra.

Why This Book?

When the students act according to their own wishes defying the Guru and going against the Guru-Shishya Parampara, then how the Guru punishes the disciples by restricting themselves to pass on knowledge to those disciples is what this book illustrates. Read this book to further know, how the disciples undergo an unimaginable loss when the Guru punishes them by not giving them knowledge.

Power of Devotion & Trust

By reading this book, you will realise that if the disciple is worthy and has complete trust in His Guru, then He becomes Mahasiddha Ishaputra. This book also illustrates the powers of devotion and faith. And it takes you on the journey of how the deep level of Devotion and trust in His Guru helped Mahasiddha Ishaputra in the formidable Himalayas, because of which He could win the heart of His Guru Shri Siddha Siddhant Nath Ji.


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