The MahaSiddhas of Himalayas did the Sadhna of ‘Antarikshcharas’ and learnt that one can fly and explore the depths of the vast space. Space is infinite, extremely vast and is also dangerous for human beings. It is said that the ‘Antarikshcharas’ know many secrets of the space. ‘Antarikshcharas’ are considered as the beings of Higher consciousness like ’Devatas’. But they have Tamasic attributes in their basic nature. They are also known to be the Devatas of the deep space. Because they fly in the space and have the capacity to visit the planet Earth, so people have been scared of them. Therefore, in some ‘Granths’ (sacred texts) of Siddha Dharm, they are also shown as the ‘Bhoot’, ‘Preta’ and ‘Daityas’ (demons).

The Mahasiddhas of Himalayas received the ‘Vidya’ from ‘Antarikshacharas’ and according to the legends, few Mahasiddhas went with them in the space and returned after seeing and visiting the depths of space. These Mahasiddhas began to pass on the knowledge of the ‘Brahmand’ (universe) to their disciples and inspired them to go on a journey into the space. This is the first book which is being presented to the public containing the knowledge on the Mahasiddhas and the ‘antarikshcharas’ from the lineage of the Himalayan Siddhas. The other ‘Granths’ (sacred texts) are still kept secret under the Siddha Dharm tradition.

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There’s a sacred text (Granth) in the Siddha Dharm tradition of the ‘Kulant Peeth’ known as ‘Antarikshcharodyana Siddhi Sutra’. This is the only ‘Granth’ (sacred text) available on Antarikshcharas, ‘Brahmand’ and the Mahasiddhas. In this book there are chapters from the ‘Vayu Gaman Siddhi’, ‘Divya Yaan Siddhi’, ‘Vayu Pataka Siddhi’ and the other ‘Granths’. This book elaborates the views of the head of Siddha Dharm, Kulant Peeth, Mahasiddha Ishaputra, about the ‘Antrikshcharas’ and the future space programs.

Why This Book?

Not just the children, but even the adults and the elders do not know about the ‘Antarikshcharas’. And if this dreadful situation exists, then the knowledge of the glorious tradition of Bharat will be irrevocably extinct. That is why, you must read this book yourself and inspire the upcoming generation to read it. After reading this book, the readers get to know that there’s no need to be scared of space. The explorer heart just need to be careful and know what the space holds in its vastness.


The Mahasiddhas asked a simple question from the ‘Antarikshcharas’ that whether the ‘Antariksh’ (Universe) is dark or is light. Then the ‘Antarikshcharas’ answered that the ‘Antariksha’ is neither light or darkness. It is just space. The reader will learn about important ‘Sutras’ like this in the book of ‘Antarikshchara’.

Future Is Space

The ‘Antarikshcharas’ told the Mahasiddhas that to know the impossible one has to take the first step towards the impossibility. So to know the ‘Brahmand’ (universe) one has to take steps towards the ‘Brahmand’. When you sit on earth, you can imagine things pertaining to Earth only. But to be able to imagine about the ‘Brahmand’ (universe), one has to look towards the Universe.


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