The Siddha Himalayan Calendar

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A calendar is a system for organizing and measuring time, typically divided into days, weeks, months, and years. It provides a structured way to track the passage of time, schedule events, and coordinate activities in both personal and societal contexts. Calendars have been essential tools for human societies throughout history, aiding in agricultural planning, religious observances, governance, and social coordination.

The Siddha calendar is a complex and intricate system of timekeeping developed by the ancient Himalayan Siddhas, which still exist in the Himalayas like Kulant Peeth (Kaulantak Peeth) region. The Himalayan Siddhas are known for their advanced understanding of mathematics, astronomy, and cosmology, and their calendar system reflected their sophisticated approach to tracking time and cosmic cycles. This book illustrates all the counts and ways of the Siddha Calendar. The language of this is ‘Tankari’ and explanation is in ‘Kula Bhasha’ which was then translated in English.

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There are three types of calendar used in the world, but only two of them are widely used, they are Solar Calendar and Lunar Calendar.

Solar Calendar: Based on the Earth’s orbit around the sun, solar calendars use the solar year as the fundamental unit of time. The Gregorian calendar, which is the most widely used calendar today, is a solar calendar.
Lunar Calendar: Lunar calendars are based on the moon’s phases, where each month corresponds to a complete lunar cycle.

Siddha Calendar is based on the lunar system.

Prophecy & Predictions

The astrologers use the ’Siddha Calendar’ to predict and prophesies because it has certain charts and ‘Yantras’ that are useful in that purpose. In Himalayan Siddha tradition, people follow the special dates for Sadhanas, festivals, ‘Punya Tithi’, birthdays and others important events pertaining to Samsaric and spiritual life, as per the Siddha Calendar.

Oldest Calendar

Amongst all the calendar system that the human civilisations have been using till date, Siddha Calendar is the oldest known calendar in the tradition of Himalayan Siddhas. There’s a controversy known in the legends around the Siddha Calendar. It is, that only the half part of the Siddha Calendar is available in the tradition of Siddha Dharma today. The second half is missing till date. Some suggest that the second half of the Siddha Calendar is not missing, but has been kept hidden by the Himalayan Mahasiddhas due to a reason.

Siddha Calendar Used As a Prayer

Siddha Calendar might be the world’s first calendar that is used as the prayer to worship different Devi-Devatas. The reason is that it contains few strange images and spiritual Geometries. It is also used for different kinds of rituals like to pray for good fortune in bad times.


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