Banshira Yuddh Vidya

Deep within the mountain valleys of Himalayas, India lies an ancient art form that embodies both warfare practices and holistic development including physical, mental and spiritual development known as the Banshira Yuddh Vidya. This traditional tribal art of warfare is believed to be one of the oldest art of warfare under the ancient lineage of Himalayan Siddha Dharma. ‘Banshira Vidya’ is also called as the ‘Siddha Yuddh Vidya’ which includes practices from ‘Dhanur Tantram’, ‘Siddha Kshatra Kosh’, ‘Gana Yuddh’ and ‘Dwanda Neeti’.

It requires the practitioner to follow the most rigorous physical training with the toughest of spiritual disciplines of the Himalayan Siddhas. It dates back to such long period of time in the history of Indian Himalayas, that it is hard to trace its exact time period of existence. Today it is on the verge of extinction even in the Himalayan mountains, wherein only a few Himalayan Sadhus and Himalayan Siddhas practice remnants of Banshira Yuddh Vidya.

‘Banshira Devata’ is a well-known Deity in the local Himalayan culture of ‘Deva Parampara’ tradition under Siddha Dharm. Banshira Devata, along with ‘Kahri Gana’ (Khari Yaksha) are the ‘Ganas’ (Yakshas) and are the protector deities of the supreme Goddess Mahamaya (Devi Kurukulla).

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The book on ‘Banshira Yuddh Vidya’ goes into the origin, disciplines, ‘Namaskar’, ‘mudras’, daily practices, ‘Yuddh Dharana’ techniques, ‘Deh Kaushal’ (body perfecting) Techniques with different ’Neeti Saaras’ told by Mahasiddhas. It sheds light on the philosophy around the need of ‘Ahimsa’ (non-violence) and ‘Hinsa’ (violence) in human life. It elaborates the different ‘Mandalas’ (sacred Geometry), ‘Mantras’, and ‘Homa Vidhi’ rituals for the warrior under the Siddha Dharm Tradition. Bhagwan Shri Swachchanda Bhairav is described as the ultimate warrior and the Guru of the warfare practices.

Originally, it is known as the ‘Siddha Yuddha Vidya’, but Banshira Devata protected the Mahasiddhas from the Daityas in the past, so the Mahasiddhas gave the ‘Ashirwaad’ (blessings) that the ’Siddha Yuddh Vidya’ in future will also be known as the ‘Banshira Yuddh Vidya’ because of the bravery of the Banshira Devata.

Siddha Tradition

In this book, the Himalayan Siddhas have deemed it necessary for the followers of Siddha Dharm to learn and to make their upcoming generations learn the ‘Banshira Yuddh Vidya’ to defend themselves, their family, assets, their tradition, Dharma and ‘Swabhiman’ (dignity). Even the Siddhas who leave the ‘Grihasta’ life and live in jungles must learn this ‘Vidya’ to protect their life, because the ‘adharmis’ and sinners hurt the people.

Importance of This Book

‘Banshira Yuddh Vidya’ is vast. An adept practitioner of the ‘Banshira Yuddh Vidya’ learns under the refuge of the Guru and learns directly from the Guru or the Acharya of this Vidya dedicating his/her whole life to this ‘Yuddh Vidya’. This is just a precious handbook that guides the reader through few techniques of ‘Pranayamas’, Tratak, ‘Mantra Meditation’, ‘Yuddha Abhyas’ techniques and Sutras.

Purpose of ‘Banshira Yuddh Vidya’

Although this ‘Siddha Yuddh Vidya’ teaches the techniques of warfare, educate about the weapons that were used, techniques of fight and self defence, but the ultimate purpose of ‘Banshira Yuddh Vidya’ is to keep you healthy- mentally, physically and spiritually. ‘Banshira Yuddh Vidya’ prays that may you never have to fight the war in your life, but if the situation is dire and you have to face the war, then you don’t have to fall back behind in fighting to defend yourself, family, country, culture and Dharm. You must be ready for any situation.


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